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About the Practitioner

I'm Gary Chambers. I was born in 1965. I've been happily married for thirty-one years: we have three children. Our oldest lives in Chicago and was married in April 2016, our middle child graduated from  Ball State University and currently works in Muncie, and our youngest is in her final year at BSU majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology.

My wife and I have known each other since first grade.  I stole my first kiss from her in fifth grade… She doesn’t remember it.

I ran 8 consecutive Indy 500 Mini marathons and found the benefit of Massage Therapy to the healing process. I wanted to pass that on so I became a Massage Therapist.

I’ve worked as a Packaging Engineer most of my adult life.

I currently drive a School Bus for Greensburg Community Schools, this allows me to focus on Kneadhealing Massage Therapy.

I love watching YouTube videos. It opens up the world.

I’m a member of the First Baptist Church of Greensburg.

I have a BS in Packaging Technology form Indiana State University.

I qualified as a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) in January of 2001. My training was from Therapeutic Bodyworks School of Massage in Greenwood.

I was raised in a conservative home, my father was an Indiana State Police officer and my mother an elementary school secretary.

On summer vacations we would load up our motor home and go on vacations. There are only 7 states in the continental US that I haven’t been in.

I would love to take a month and drive to Alaska in a motor home with my wife.

I’ve had a goatee for 20 plus years and my wife thinks I look horrible when I shave it off.

I love Mustang convertibles. My plan is to restore a 1965 (year I was born).

I’m a conservative Republican, but I vote for the person. I get to know the candidates.

I love Greensburg and can’t think of someplace else I’d want to live.

We have a small farm in Vigo County that has been in our family since 1833. I have the original land grant signed by Andrew Jackson.


I like working out with a group. I’m currently in classes at Change Fitness here in Greensburg.


I love storms, watching them roll in from my open garage door is amazing.

I hate moles. It is my life’s mission to rid my yard of moles!

I love my wife and she is my biggest fan!


Gary R. Chambers, CMT

Indiana Cert# MT20900561

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